1. Payment for information is made exclusively using requirements indicated on the site.
  2. Receipt of information is only possible after 100% prepayment.
  3. A successful outcome of a single bet is not guaranteed.
  4. The availability of spot quotes for the result purchased in the bookmaker is not guaranteed
  5. The organization is not responsible in case of errors or malfunctions of the means of sending information.
  6. The organization reserves the right to refuse to provide any customer with information without any explanation.
  7. By placing an order, you declare that you have read the above rules.


  1. Resale of information and “joining more than one customers” are prohibited.
  2. Any copying of informative and multimedia material is prohibited.
  3. The distribution and publication of information received on the site about matches is prohibited.
  4. The use of other people’s personal data, accounts, telephone numbers and bank cards to order information is prohibited.


  1. The organization undertakes to send information to the customer after payment by SMS or in another way, if the customer cannot receive the message with the SMS.
  2. The organization undertakes to publish an announcement of an upcoming event indicating the date of the match and the approximate odds for the proposed bets.
  3. The customer undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information received.
  4. The customer is required to comply with the above rules.
  5. The violation of any of the above rules will result in the complete cancellation of the commitments and the impossibility of the following purchases of information.


  1. If for some reason the information purchased by the customer turns out to be false, the customer receives free information on one of the upcoming games.
  2. For customers who have made 5 or more purchases, it is possible to refund the payment amount without providing free information.
  3. The refund of the payment for the bet from the list (exact calculation) is not made.
  4. The amount of the lost bet will not be compensated.