Bet365 Fixed Matches

Requests for free match information are perhaps the most numerous.

The answers to this question are:

  • In the FAQ section
  • In the appropriate section on my Telegram channel
  • They have been mentioned several times on my blog

The first and most important reason for refusing to provide such information in free access is the inability to identify the person requesting a free match. In 2019, for 4 months, I gave out free games to everyone, as a result of which over 1000 betting enthusiasts got the coveted giveaway. All these people wanted to make sure the information was reliable before buying. But, in particular, out of 1000 people, only three have placed an order.

Therefore, the conversion was 0.3%, which is totally unacceptable. With a simple mathematical calculation, multiplying 1000 people by 1000 euros (price of the information), we get 1000000 euros. After receiving a free game, a person asks his friends or creates new accounts and requests a test bet again.

So, once and for all I have lost the will to support and do charity to ungrateful strangers. My information is too expensive for me to allow it to be used to the detriment of my regular customers, who are forced to bet with a lower coefficient due to this. At the same time, if 1000 people get a refusal from me, about 10-12 people decide to make a purchase immediately. The conversion is 1-1.2% at no cost. Therefore, whatever one may say, refusing to bet a person for a combined game is far more profitable for me than satisfying his wishes.

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